The Beginning

At first I thought I saw Him
only in glimpses–
in the curve of a smile,
at the edge of a paperback book,
in the slanting afternoon sunlight.
But then I began to see Him everywhere,
slipping out for a moment around corners and busy city sidewalks,
or smiling to me while He handed me my coffee,
or turning up in a breath by my side while my eyes marveled at the colors of a forest landscape.

Where did He come from?
Who was He?
Why did He hold so much power over me already?
Was He a He at all?
I knew His name, but I did not know his Name.

The things I read about Him were
newspaper articles,
cold // black and white // still // dead
(it made Him seem Still Dead)
but when I felt him around the penumbra of my mind,
He was sparkling, bright colored light
and oh so full of joy.
When He smiled, the whole earth rose up to meet Him,
the whole earth’s heart leapt within.

This was just the beginning;
this was just the start of my Jesus.


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