Imago Dei

“Made in the image of God”,

that’s what You told me.
For so long I thought life was a chore,
aching upon rising and upon laying down,
my body something to be fought or tamed,
not a wonder of life.
(It was always: too little, too much.)

But that night
right before the dusky dawn rising,
You poured crumbs of butter-yellow hope-light
down into my hungry heart

and I was shining.
No more dark grey cobwebs
twisted ’round my eyes,
musty thin veil of soft light grey dust,
hanging round my head like a heavy metal shell,
sobbing silent behind dust and dread.

In my heart, so sudden, there was a song

and as I trace my fingers ’round the
edge of this glorious skin,
I smile, so still, take the deepest breaths,
and I sing.
Ringing out of my heart, and oh, Your hope, I could taste it!
sweet as balm, sweet as honey to the lips of my untrained heart.


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